Is Barack Obama health care rfid microchip of 2013 the beast mark

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Is Barack Obama health care rfid microchip of 2013 the beast mark. No it is not unless it becomes required by law in order to buy and sell and is required by all persons when a man with authority over all nations rises to power. The Antichrist has to be in power first. The RFID bio implant microchip most likely will be the mark of the beast , but many other points of scriptures have to be in place before it can be determined if it is the mark of the beast of Revelation. The mandatory aspect in order to buy or sell is one of the main signs. If they say you must have it and that it must be implanted in your skin then reject it ALWAYS. If it is an ID card and is not implanted then it is not the mark of the beast, even if they get rid of cash. Time is short so get out your calculation tools. If you thought Jesus and the Antichrist was a myth, then the mathematical patterns shown in this video will change your mind if you really pay attention. obamacare rfid micro-chip 2013


endtimesprophecynow says:

Nero was the Antichrist, wrong read info below

Nero had been dead for almost for 20 years before John wrote the book of Revelation. Not to mention Nero never enforced the mark of the beast in his lifetime as required by Revelation 13. This is a mandatory point of prophecy and scripture to prove the Antichrist, something Nero never did. Nero was not the Antichrist

To Learn more read the documentation on the Antichrist Numeric calculator. To visit go to Google enter “Antichrist Calculator”

endtimesprophecynow says:

The Mark is not literal, wrong read the info below

The Greek word for mark in Revelation is charagma. Strong’s defines charagma as a scratch or etching, a badge of servitude, graven, and finally mark. Charagma is related to the Greek word charax, which means “to sharpen to a point” and “a stake”. The definitions of charagma coupled with the fact that bio implants are injected using a specialized syringe make it clear that the Mark of the Beast will be a literal mark injected into the hand.

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